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Who we are...

What we offer ...
The staff at Soccer Search UK collectively have over 20 years experience working within the football industry. They have experience coaching talented footballers at Premier League Academies & Centre of Excellences, as well as coaching with lower league & non league first teams. Over time, our staff have made some fantastic contacts with coaches, scouts and managers, all of whom will be invited to attend our events.
We are offering players the chance to take part in our 'Show Piece' events and put themselves in the shop window for scouts, managers and agents to see. Our events are split into two age groups YOUTH 12yrs - 16yrs and ADULT 16yrs - 24yrs.

What we do ...

Who will be attending ...
Soccer Search UK are running "Show Piece" events for players of various ages. The events will allow players to show off their footballing skills in front of professional scouts, coaches and agents, with the hope of being "picked up" by clubs.
We have created links with top premier league scouts, as well as scouts from all divisions of the football league, non league and league of Wales teams, all of whom will be invited along to view the players and potentially sign them for their clubs.
We also have representatives of Premier Sports Consultancy in attendance. Premier Sports will deal with any negotiations involving clubs and players.

Our Coaches ...

Training ...
All of our coaches are fully CRB checked. They all hold Uefa standard coaching certificates (including UEFA A & B) and have worked at various levels in the football industry, including "Academies", "Centre of Excellences" and with first teams of professional and semi professional clubs.
Our coaches hold many other football related qualifications, including SAQ (Speed Agility & Quickness. Some also possess degrees in "Sports" and "Coach Education", as well as nutrition and personal training qualifications.
Throughout the week the players will work on fitness and conditioning as well as, technical and tactical aspects of the game.
The players will work on 'the basic' attributes that all footballers need, and they will be able to demonstrate their abilities in small side games, functional practices, phases of play, as well as 11 a side matches. Players will go through 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 right up to 11v11. With regards to the tactical aspects of the game,players will work on 'Zonal Marking', as well as tacking and defending set pieces. Everything that the players will be doing is geared towards the different aspects that they might face in a game situation.
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