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To enter your team, follow the secure Paypal checkout and pay just £20.00 to confirm your team in the Justice Tournament. This goes directly in to the J96 donation, Soccer Search UK do not profit from this payment or transaction.
This tournament is free to all those who enter, no tickets required, we just ask that teams are sponsored to raise as much as they can for this cause that has touched so many families in Liverpool. We are looking for teams to find a minimum sponsorship of £50.00, the £20.00 deposit is counted as part of the sponsorship and not an extra. Please raise as much as you can and enjoy the day!

You can sponsor Rebeckah Vaughan's BBUK Team below, please note sponsorship is on multiples of £5.00.

"I'm very honoured to be part of Soccer Search UK's charity event on 3rd February 2013  with 100% of the proceeds going to Hillsborough Justice Campaign.
I chose my team wisely, Lauren Carre and I will be protecting the goal, hopefully putting the opposition off with our feminine wiles...
Patrick Monahan will be playing midfield, he will grab as many players as he can and spoon them, is this against the rules?
Luke Anderson will be responsible for charming the opposition blinding the ladies with his killer watt smile.
Whilst Lee Trundle and Chris Patrick take care of business! ie- playing football
" :)

-Rebeckah Vaughan
  • £20.00 5-a-side team deposit
    £20.00 5-a-side team deposit

  • No team, just £50.00 donation.
    No team, just £50.00 donation.

  • Rebeckah Vaughan's - BBUK Team Sponsors
    Rebeckah Vaughan's - BBUK Team Sponsors